Going Back To My Roots – Navajo Vibes


Going Back To My Roots – Navajo Vibes – One of a Kind

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Going Back To My Roots – Navajo Vibes – One of a Kind

Going Back To My Roots – Navajo Vibes

Date: 2023

Medium: – Warp: Cotton

Weft: Irish Galway wool 

Cushendale source there fine lustrous Mohair yarn, the wool of the Angora goat, from Italy. There mohair yarns are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO- TEX®

This woven wall hanging is Suspended from a reclaimed, deadwood piece of Sally, also known as Rusty Willow

Dimensions – approximately:

Length of woven piece without out the fringe : 52”/132cm – width: a little under 42”/107cm & the wooden dowel: 59”/150cm

Step into a world of captivating artistry with this exquisite creation that exudes the enchanting spirit of Navajo culture. Every thread, every fibre of this piece resonates with the rich heritage and timeless beauty that the Navajo tradition encapsulates. As I immersed myself in the creation of this piece, a harmonious symphony of creativity and culture flowed through my fingertips.

Infused with the soulful essence of Navajo inspirations, this artwork is a testament to the magic that emerges when artistic passion intertwines with the finest materials. The embrace of Cushendale’s luxurious mohair wool and the comforting touch of Galway sheep’s wool weave a tapestry of textures and emotions that speak to the heart.

This wall hanging, lovingly suspended from a reclaimed and restored wooden dowel called Sally, also known as Rusty Willow, is more than just a piece of art – it’s a story waiting to be told. Part of a curated fibre collection that I’ve designed, every thread boasts of beauty and the resilient spirit of indigenous cultures. Imagine this stunning creation gracing your space, infusing it with the warmth of heritage and the serenity of nature’s embrace.

Inspired by the ethereal presence of Fawn Wood and her hauntingly beautiful song “Remember Me,” this piece captures the essence of remembrance and connection. With vocals that seem to echo across time and generations, the song becomes a living memory, much like the piece before you. The Plains Cree and Salish influences merge seamlessly, just as the threads in this artwork converge to form a breath taking whole.

Crafted on a loom that I personally handcrafted from Ireland’s native white deal timber, this piece represents a bridge between cultures and continents. It embodies the ancient art of weaving, a craft that has woven stories and legacies for generations. The very timber used to create this loom carries the essence of Ireland’s landscapes, creating a fusion of Irish and indigenous heritage.

Dimensions only scratch the surface of the tale this artwork unfolds – a length of woven wonder that spans over 52 inches and a width of 42 inches, all lovingly cradled by a wooden dowel that holds this woven piece at  59 inches. It’s not just an artwork; it’s where the threads of heritage and creativity weave together to remind us of the beauty that transcends time and space. Embrace this piece, and let it remind you that woven art is a bridge that connects hearts and cultures across the globe.

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This remarkable piece is not just art; it’s a statement. It’s a fusion of history, creativity, and craftsmanship; it’s a conversation starter, a work of artistry that speaks to the heart.