Crafted With Love, Woven With Tradition

  • Sustainable Fashion, Handmade with Passion
  • Dedicated to being Ethically created
  • Dedicated to Sustainability
  • Passionate about circular innovation
  • Handwoven in Ireland

I aim to make a positive impact on the planet and the people who enjoy my products, by using materials I have at hand & preventing fabrics from going to landfill, embracing the circular innovation


I’m Christina Drennan of Irish Handmade from Kilkenny, Ireland.

I’m a creative soul committed to sustainability and conservation. My artistry revolves around refashioned fabrics and ethically sourced materials, especially wool.

I create unique pieces, including handwoven scarves and framed wall art.

Inspired by the world around me, I believe in creating without causing harm.




What some of my lovely clients have to say about Irish Hand Made.