A lambswools Canvas Nurtured by nature

A lambswools Canvas Nurtured by Nature


Name: Christina Drennan

Title: A lambswool canvas nurtured by nature

Date: 2023

Medium: Warp – Cotton

Weft – Lambs wool from Cushendales –

Dimensions approximately:57” Width x 49” length

Reclaimed Sally Wooden Dowel a native to Ireland, Also known as Rusty Willow – 75” and treated with linseed oil.

Indulge in the artistry of a Lambswool Landscape piece, a creation born from the heart and woven with the finesse of my skilled  hands. This piece was handcrafted using the most exquisite woven fabric – Irish lambswool from Cushendale’s. Its fibres, delicate yet sturdy, intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of hues and textures, yielding a tactile experience that’s as enchanting as the visuals themselves.

This collection of colours, a symphony of nature’s palette woven into the fabric of this piece. Imagine the soothing embrace of lush greens, reminiscent of emerald meadows kissed by the Irish rain. Picture the earthy browns, evoking the rugged terrain and ancient landscapes that have witnessed centuries of stories. Let your senses explore the depths of vibrant reds, igniting passion and energy in every thread, while the tranquil blues invite you to dive into the depths of serene lakes mirroring the vast skies above. And then there are the radiant yellows, reminiscent of sunlit fields that stretch toward the horizon, basking in the glow of a new day.

Suspended with grace and intention, this piece finds its home hanging from Rusty Willow known as Sally Tree, swaying gently like a whispered secret in the arms of natural jute twine. This rustic connection to nature imparts a profound authenticity, praising the very elements that have inspired its creation.

In this carefully woven wall hanging, one can almost hear the whispers of nature, the stories of generations past, and the eternal beauty that surrounds us. It’s more than an artwork; it’s a portal to another world, an intricate homage to the boundless creativity of human hands and the timeless allure of the landscapes that have kindled our souls for centuries.