“A Woven Tapestry of Landscape Dreams – Kerry”

“A Woven Tapestry of Landscape Dreams – Kerry”


Warp: Cotton

Weft: Kerry Woollen Mills Woven Fabrics

Dimensions: Length: 47″  x Width 65″

Reclaimed Wood: 95″ in Length

Please contact for information on delivery – now taking commissions

“Inspired by the lush landscapes and rich heritage of Ireland, this exquisite handwoven tapestry encapsulates a symphony of colours and textures that evoke the essence of the Emerald Isle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the piece embraces a harmonious interplay of hues that reflect the vibrant spirit of Ireland’s landscapes.

Woven with a warp of the finest cotton, the foundation of this artwork provides a sturdy canvas for the intricate storytelling that unfolds through the weft. The weft woven fabrics are handwoven and enveloped to give the viewer a tactile experience akin to a warm embrace. Each thread of Kerry woollen mills fabrics and wools  has been carefully chosen not just for its tactile comfort, but also for its deep connection to the sheep-studded fields that dot the Irish countryside.

As the piece unfurls, it dances with an inherent Irishness, each strand woven with a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the land it draws inspiration from. The pops of colour burst forth like wildflowers dotting the meadows, a celebration of the vibrancy that characterizes Irish culture.

The reclaimed wooden dowel, lovingly treated with linseed oil, frames the tapestry with a rustic touch, grounding the artwork in a sense of history and sustainability. Its elegant curves and sways mirror the natural undulations of the Irish terrain, inviting the viewer to embark on a visual journey through rolling hills and serene valleys.

This handwoven masterpiece is more than a mere composition of threads; it is a love letter to the spaces it yearns to adorn. It carries within it the whispers of winds that sweep through Kerry, the echoes of laughter from traditional Irish pubs, and the tranquillity of a mist-kissed morning on its land. With its captivating blend of colours and textures, this woven wall hanging becomes a portal, inviting all who behold it to experience the embrace of Ireland’s enchanting beauty.”