Woven Wall Hanging “Let the Sea Set You Free”


Woven Wall Hanging “Let the Sea Set You Free” Decorative Wall Hanging

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Show casing this piece “Let the Sea Set You Free” is a captivating textile art piece that beautifully blends a range of ocean-inspired colours and textures. I have chosen blues, creams, and ivories to evoke the calming essence of the sea and sky. These colours flow together, mimicking the ebb and flow of waves. Vibrant pops of green represent the lively underwater world. The choice of materials adds to the sensory experience, with a cotton foundation and soft mohair creating depth and texture. The artwork measures 45” x 21”, providing an immersive seascape experience. It’s suspended from locally sourced 33″ Hawthorn wood treated with linseed oil and hung with natural jute twine, adding a rustic and eco-friendly touch. In “Let the Sea Set You Free,” I have woven together colours, textures, and materials to capture the spirit of the sea, offering viewers a serene escape into the beauty of the ocean’s embrace. This piece was part of the exhibition This Is What I Do, the materials used are a blend of cotton and polyester threads, mohair woven fabrics from the lovely Cushendale’s, our local mill in Graiguenamanagh. If you are interested in any of my pieces please do not hesitate to contact

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This remarkable piece is not just art; it’s a statement. It’s a fusion of history, creativity, and craftsmanship; it’s a conversation starter, a work of artistry that speaks to the heart.