The way to Graiguenamanagh – Mini Wool Wall Rug


On the way to Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny – Mini Wool Wall Rug

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The way to Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny – woven wool wall rug was inspired by a photograph I had taken one evening while driving there, I love to use materials and yarns from my local woollen mills, Cushendale’s, there yarns are so beautiful, they are sustainable, beautifully created and a family run business, all the things I have value in.

All the wools used in this piece are indigenous sheep’s wool of Ireland, The Galway Sheep.

The warp is cotton threads and the weft is beautifully woven Galway sheep’s wool.

Using Eura wool for the sheep and a little Zwarble raw sheep’s wool for there noses and huffs, this wool came from farmer John in Co. Kerry, processed by myself.

This piece was handwoven on a handcrafted peg loom & hung from a prepared beautifully crafted piece of wood, that has been treated with linseed oil & hang with natural jute twin.

Colours used:  Moss, Old Lady, Rowan Irish, Indigo Irish, Light Orange, Blue Stone, Autumn Irish, Wheat, Ecru, Old Purple and Blue Stone Irish.
I used a piece of dried wood sourced locally, sanded it back and treated it with linseed oil for the mounting of the tapestry/wall rug,

Dimensions: Approximately – Length of rug only 16.3″, Width of rug: 15″ Length of wooden dowel 21″

This piece was designed and woven here in Ireland, this would be a beautiful gift for those looking for that extra special gift, Irish Hand Made.