Personalised Remembrance Cushion 18″ x 18″


Remembrance / Keepsake Cushions & lap size throw over blankets
Starting price is €65 / €250

Please feel free to contact me by phone or by email to discuss your requirements further.


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Personalised Remembrance Cushion 18″ x 18″

Before making any payment or placing any order please feel free to contact us for additional information to discuss what you will need to have for us. Everybody’s remembrance keepsake pieces are unique to themselves.

Below is some things to take into account.

Irish Handmade Keepsake cushions & lap size throw over blankets are made with 100% love and care, from the clothing you cannot seem to part with, but rather than letting these items sit in the attic or stored away in a drawer some place, why not get a forever keepsake made to remember and cherish the person who’s clothing it was made from.

We take the clothes you have sent to us and we cut out squares to create the blanket from all the best parts of the clothing, they are then stitched together. we can put on a plain backing or a backing from the clothing you have provided, once we have enough fabric to complete.

Remembrance Cushion: 18″ x 18″ depending on your order, weather you are looking for patch work or one without will effect the cost, please do email us with any questions and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Lap size is approx. 55cm x 70cm. 25– 30 sleepsuits (outfits, pieces of clothing) required, or approximately 8 pieces of adult clothing.

As all blankets are custom made every effort is made to create the highest of quality from the fabrics we receive. patterns and designs may vary and this is what makes every piece that’s made unique to the customer.

Starting price is €65 right up to €250 If there is any special requests or requirements there may be additional costs this can be discussed in an email.

The most common items of clothing we use are rompers, baby grows, vests, tops, dresses, and jumpers. Cotton based clothing is the best material to work with, however we can use other materials too.  The most important parts of the clothing you send is used on your blanket, this includes logos, text, collars (if they are not too hard), and patterns etc.

And just a gentle note please insure that your items of clothing are washed & dried before you send then onto us, much appreciated.

The left-over pieces of material/fabric will be kept and returned back to you with your order.

If there are any items that have not been cut due to it not being the correct material etc, these will be sent back with the finished product.

We aim to have your keep sakes made within 10 to 12 weeks of receiving your items & posted out to you within days of completion.

If you need your keepsake any earlier please get in contact before ordering as we will try to accommodate any special requests.

We advise to hand wash all keepsake items

Please do not tumble dry!

It is extremely important to include your name and email address inside your parcel, without this information we will not be able to identify who’s items we have received.

Please include a note of any particular favourite fabric you would definitely like included within your blanket or if you have any specific requests, please make note & pop it in with your parcel & we can see what we can do.

The next step is to post your items to us. We advice you to pack your clothing in a plastic wrap or bag before you put them into the main packing for shipping. You never know when it rains over here and the last thing you want is your clothes getting wet during transit.

Majority of our customers prefer to send us their clothes by An Post. We advice you to register your shipment as the clothes you may send are irreplaceable, at least you have an option to track your parcel in situations if your shipment goes missing.

Thank you.