Framed Woven Textiles: Beach Memories


Framed Woven Textiles: Beach Memories

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Framed Woven Textiles: Beach Memories

“Welcome to ‘Beach Memories’ from the Textile Treasure collection—a fusion of Irish wool and cotton, lovingly hand woven within a 17″ x 17” grey frame. Inspired by the serene beaches along Ireland’s Copper Coast and Tramore’s tranquil beauty, this piece encapsulates the essence of the copper coast.

With a gentle palette of purples, light green, peach, creams, beiges, and off-whites, ‘Beach Memories’ invites a serene exploration. Its organic, intuitive creation emanates tranquillity, inviting the viewer to immerse in its calming depths and rediscover moments of solace.

This piece embodies the soothing embrace of coastal memories. Each intricately woven thread whispers of serene landscapes, offering a captivating presence that effortlessly infuses any space with a sense of peace and timeless elegance.

‘Beach Memories’ handwoven textiles, its allure serves as a reminder of nature’s beauty and the gentle art of introspection. A touch of coastal serenity, destined to grace your surroundings with its tranquil charm.”

This piece has free delivery anywhere in Ireland, please contact me directly to speak to me about getting it delivered to your door.

while every effort is taken to have the correct colours in the photos, due to lighting and other elements the colour may vary.