“Embracing Irish Heritage: Textile Tales of Colour”


“Embracing Irish Heritage: Textile Tales of Colour”

Woven into this beautiful piece of Rusty Willow

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A beautiful Irish Handmade sustainable Woven decorative piece.

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“Embracing Irish Heritage: Textile Tales of Colour”

Imbued with the essence of Irish heritage, this one-of-a-kind woven piece intricately combines the warmth of reclaimed Rusty Willow aka Sally wood, with a burst of vibrant colours inspired by some of this season’s trends. Using hand-selected Kerry Woollen Mills carded wool in vivid cerise pink, regal purple, sunny yellow and the calming essence of turquoise interwoven with the classic Irish cream and Navy Charcoal Aran wool, this piece exudes an authentic quirky Irish charm.

Crafted to infuse your home with a touch of tradition and a splash of hues reminiscent of Ireland’s lively landscapes, when flowers are in bloom, this textured tapestry stands as a unique addition. Each fibre of wool intricately woven within the weathered wood tells its own story, whispering of age-old traditions and cherished memories.

“Embracing the Irish Spirit: Textile Tales of Colour” is more than a mere piece. let this distinctive creation envelop your space, adding a vibrant burst of colour and a comforting warmth that embodies the heart of Ireland’s rich textile heritage.

Dimensions, Approximately: Longest part of the frame is 41″ shorter side of the frame is 29″ woven piece: 14″ width, widest part of the woven piece is 11″ and the other end is 3″