Crazy Jessie – My Mams Ponies


Crazy Jessie – My Mams Ponies

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In the intricate realm of woven textiles, where threads intertwine to tell stories,  this piece stands as a testament to both craftsmanship and cherished memories. “Crazy Jessie – My Mam’s Ponies” is not merely a woven tapestry; it is a heartfelt homage, a convergence of artistry and emotion.

Crafted from woven fabric and raw fibber’s, this piece embodies the dedication. With each thread, its not just about a pattern, but a vivid narrative of a special connection. The title, “Crazy Jessie,” hints at a story waiting to be unveiled, inviting viewers into a world where ponies and people bond in extraordinary ways.

This medium becomes a message as a woven fabric and felted fibres come together in harmonious unity. The tactile qualities of the raw fibre enhance the texture, allowing the narrative to extend beyond sight alone. The juxtaposition of woven fabric and felted fibre mirrors the complex layers of memories woven into our lives—some soft and gentle, others bold and textured.

Suspended gracefully from a piece of reclaimed wood called Sally, also known as Rusty Willow, the tapestry dances in the air, seemingly caught in a fleeting moment of time. Natural jute twine becomes the bridge connecting the artwork to its earthly roots, a subtle reminder of the connection to nature that inspired the ponies themselves.

As one gazes upon this piece, they are invited to immerse themselves in the world of Crazy Jessie—the ponies that were more than mere companions. The tapestry captures their spirit, the essence of every playful gallop and tender nuzzle, weaving a story of love, joy, and the indelible mark left by these four-legged friends.

In “Crazy Jessie – My Mam’s Ponies,” I have tried to transform the threads into memories, textures into emotions, and woven fabric into a heartfelt tribute. This tapestry is more than art; it is a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their animal companions—a connection that continues to live on in the threads of time.